Skin Rejuvination Treatments




Specialized, result-oriented skincare services can greatly assist and address our main concerns; fine lines, sun damage, acne, scarring, hyper pigmentation, dryness, dehydration and overall appearance.

LED light therapy converts light energy within the skin cells, stimulating collagen regeneration, combating hyper pigmentation and inflammation. It is a non-thermal, gentle pulsating light therapy proven to improve a variety of skin care concerns.  The blue-light therapy is FDA approved to significantly reduce acne.  For maximum results a series of six treatments7-10 days apart is recommended. Post series a maintenance treatment is recommended every 60-90 days.

Our glycolic Renewal treatment promotes overall skin health, improving elasticity, tone and firmness.  Aides in the rejuvenation of sun damaged, uneven textured, and dehydrated skin. Effects can be seen in a single treatment, however optimum results are achieved with a series of six treatments in weekly intervals.

Eminence Multi-Acid Peel and peptide treatment

This result-oriented service layers three uniquely formulated products that work together as an advanced resurfacing treatment.  This breakthrough treatment targets blemishes, uneven skin tone and fine lines.  You will see an immediate glow and dramatic improvement of overall tone and clarity.  Maximum results are achieved through a five treatment series combined with the illumination System home care trio.


LED anti aging (single treatment) $65

Add to facial $45

LED Acne (single treatment) $85

Add to facial (great for maintenance post series) $60

Instant gratification facial (combines LED light therapy with a light peel, eye brightening treatment and lip exfoliation, perfect options before any special event for an immediate glow!) $85

Glycolic renewal treatment $50

Eminence Multi-Acid Peel and peptide treatment $70


Series of six Anti-aging LED treatments $325

Series of 6 LED acne treatments $425

Series of six glycolic renewal treatments $250

Series of five Multi-Acid peel and peptide treatments $280

Series of five multi-acid peel and peptide treatments plus home kit $400