Red light therapy is a non-invasive technology designed by acclaimed dermatologists that delivers low-level pulses of LED light to the skin to produce healing and anti-aging effects. Red light therapy was actually first researched by NASA. They found deep red light therapy could reverse some of the signs of aging. NASA also found it was […]

Give your loved one what she really wants for Valentine’s Day–a day of ultimate indulgence at one of Seattle’s top day spas. Spoil your loved one with a gift she will truly appreciate. Think a little outside the box of chocolates this year. Although, we are known for serving decadent chocolate treats on Valentine’s Day […]

Learn the Endless Benefits of Massage

by eric on January 10, 2013

It’s 2013 and New Year resolutions are everywhere. Massage would be a good one: it feels great, your are giving yourself a lovely indulgence instead of eliminating a vice( booze, food, shopping), and the positive effects keep on giving long after you have left your appointment. I think everyone has known for years now that […]

So it’ almost Christmas and you’re wrapping up your last minute shopping with gift certificates, or are trying to figure out what to get for a birthday, Valentine’s Day, Mothers’ Day, Father’s Day, Anniversaries (of all kinds). Sometimes gift certificates are purchased because you don’t know what to buy for someone. Some gift certificates are […]

This is the time of year that you just may be getting into a swimsuit for the first time in many, many months. At Spa Noir the phone is ringing off the hook with questions and appointments about bikini waxing, so I thought I’d give a bit of helpful information. First, some bikini waxing definitions: […]

Medical massage, relaxation massage, sports massage, pregnancy massage, deep tissue, hot stone…so many different categories in this world of bodywork. Although most people have always agreed that massage feels wonderful and is a lovely treat, in the last few years multiple  studies have proven that massage offers incredible benefits that include but are not limited […]

Sunscreen, wind, bar-b-ques, swimming…..these are some of the best things of summer, but by the end of the season they can do a number on your skin. This is the time of year when your skin could really use a deep cleaning. And I don’t mean it in the traditional sense of just tons of […]

New Going ons

by eric on October 28, 2011

So we are FINALLY going to be open Mondays! Starting November 14th, 2011 we will be open 12-8, with massage, facials, and waxing available all day. Of course there will also be a receptionist here, to help you with all your spa needs: checking in, booking appointments, purchasing gift certificates… Honestly that is one of […]

Shellac will bring the manicure back!

by eric on January 31, 2011

So this has been around for a bit but I am just bringing it into Spa Noir February first, and I am SO obsessed! This is a nail polish/gel hybrid, made by Creative Nail Design.  It goes on like a nail polish, but cures to a shiny hard surface in minutes, and lasts 14 days […]

So colder drier weather is settling into Seattle. When the season’s change so do my clients concerns. Right now the recurring themes are: skin texture, dryness, loss of glow, and feeling washed out. I have a few solutions.   -Get a facial with the emphasis on exfoliation When the dry heat is blowing in your […]